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GSBA Code of Conduct

Below is the link for the organization wide code of conduct.  Please take a look at the document.  Each player and parent must turn in a signed copy of the form by the first game.

Winona County League Rules

Seven Rivers Athletic Association Rules

The 9U-14U teams typically practice 2-3 times during the week before the season starts. We scale that back to 1-2 practices with 2 games per week during season play. Practices may start prior to May 1st in preparation for tournament and league play that begins around June 1st. They participate in around 3-4 weekend tournaments. The 9U team is local and they participate in local area tournaments. The 10U-14U teams will have the opportunity to play in State Tournament Qualifiers. Sometimes the 9U-14U will consist of a local team and a travel team due to the number of players and/or player development.

The 8U program is a recreational league and is part of the Winona County League. The 8U teams will also practice 2-3 times per week before the season begins. We scale that back to 1-2 practices with 1-2 games per week during season play. They participate in around 1-3 local weekend tournaments. Practices start early-May in preparation for league play that begins around June 1st.

The 6U age group is an in-house league and does not travel.  They practice and scrimmage 2 times per week starting in June.

What are DIBS?

For those that are new to DIBS, it is our system for encouraging volunteer time by parents. There are volunteer opportunities throughout the season to satisfy your DIBS requirement. Sign-ups will be sent throughout the season for the Chicken Q, golf tournament and 2 tournaments hosted by Goodview Sandlot.

The DIBS amount required goes by your oldest player. It will be $60 (3 hours) for 8u and $100 (5 hours) for 9u and up. 6u does not have a DIBS fee. Dibs fees for the 2023 year are being included with registration. Once your volunteer hours are completed, the Dibs fee will be credited back to you.

DIBS when updated are available on the DIBS tab of the sandlot website.  Dibs can also be fulfilled by coaching or assistant coaching with a season long commitment.

2024 Bat Regulations

Minnesota Baseball League has announced their new bat regulations for the 2024 season. Both USA Baseball and USSSA approved stamped bats are allowed for league, MBT and GSTC qualifiers. Drops do vary a bit from league to qualifiers.  

USA Baseball American Development Model

This season we will be implementing the USA Baseball American Development Model for our coaching staff. We encourage parents to take the free USA Baseball ADM course offered at